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This paper displayed racial issues, religious bias between Hindus and Muslims and Pre-Independence struggle in Mahesh Dattani’s Final Solutions play. These factors molded human healthy relationship in Indian Society. He exposed realistic happenings in Indian social scenario without hidden natural incidents. The racial discrimination and religious dissimilarities burst out inhuman mind. The Indian writers differentiate may be its shape of crises, but truthful is each and every corner people suffered in the form of racial domination, color discrimination, subaltern subjugation, and religious superiority. From the beginning of the History of human grew up with dominating people one another for their survival also nature and endangered animals and birds. They trained themselves to live satisfied life by the act of subjugation and domination. These rioters didn’t mind that suffer of innocent child and old people. Earlier rioters created issues within their caste, religion and society, later it spread out national issues and lost many souls. The racial issue creators didn’t realize they were inhuman in their actions. We are living in twenty-first century and lot of changes in attitude but never come out from inhumanity and hunt innocent human like animals and birds for domination and slavery. Racial issues considered in different manner that White and Black variation, Upper and Lower Community, and Religious bias in world. In India, people’s minds blindly depend on superiority and individuality. Final Solutions actors of Hindu and Muslim, who divide and depicts the demolition of Babri Masjid.

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