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WendelinVan Draanen is an American writer and award winning author of children’s and young adult fiction. The cardinal themes of her novels are transformation , gender,love perseverance,  family, courage,prejudice as well as lies and deceit. “The Running Dream”  which was awarded American Library Associations Schneider Family Award for its “expression of the disability experience” . The Running Dream is about Jessica Carlisle, a runner who becomes a disable person due to an accident . She loses one of her legs and spirals into depression in trauma. She  has given a temporary prosthetic leg. She finds that she has never lost her passion to achieve.  Jessica starts to re-discover her abilities to run and compete. She trains hard for the race and accomplishes her destination. She is an embodiment of perseverance . Ultimately, she believes that her success draws the attention of people with disabilities and encourage people to see them as a successful person than a disable one.Thus , the female protagonist overcomes the hurdles to achieve her destination through perseverance and determination.

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