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Disability literature deals with the plight of the people with disabilities.  It can be physical, emotional, social and mental.  It makes people to be aware of the problems of the disabled and encourages the society to be responsible to the needs of the disabled.  In the novel She Is Not Invisible, Marcus Sedgwick explores the palpable condition of a blind girl Laureth who never loses her self-confidence. She proves to the society that her lack of sight does not slow down her spirit. Moreover, she encounters the world with her physical disability without bothering about her visual impairment. She leads her life on her own by radiating love, trust and faith. The present paper also examines about the disabled girl’s faith and hope to overcome the hurdles of life with her blindness. Though she lives in a world of darkness with her physical blindness, she envisages a promising future of happiness and contentment.  

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