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Disability studies mainly focus on individual’s physical and mental issues. It also points out a normal person’s view on disability. Many factors like stress, birth defect, and environment are reasons for disability. Indra Sinha’s Animal’s People displays the 1984 Bhopal disaster through the voice of nineteen year old disabled boy named Animal. He acquires this name because of his twisted spine which makes him to walk by four foot. Animal is one of the victims of that great disaster which erased his family members. This paper mainly focuses on the disability of Animal which makes him inferior in front of normal people. This inferiority makes him to hate his human identity and survives in a small circle with his animal identity. The main reason for denial of his identity is his false perspective of judging others. Elli Barber gives him a hope for a new life but he mistrusts her thinking that she is helping the American company. Sinha presents that Animal’s fierce nature is because of his lost identity. Though he is cruel he shows kindness to people like Ma Franci. Loneliness troubles the life of Animal which makes him insecure. But everything takes a turn when he falls in hallucination where he undergoes pain in a jungle. It teaches his worth in the society. Sinha clearly portrays the tragic role of poverty in the life of Animal as well as the people in Khaufpur. Animal’s wish to stand in two legs vanishes after realizing his identity that humanity is hidden in his beastly appearance which is his true self.

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