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Disability studies provoke a clear and consistently thought provoking portrayal of differently abled people. Nowadays, people with disability face many problems in their day-to-day life. All people have their own dreams to achieve something special in this world. Likewise, the people with disabilities also have some dreams. The novel,The Incomplete by VaibhavKolhe deals with the difficulties and the challenges undergone by the protagonist in his life. The protagonist narrates several incidents from his childhood to his adolescence. He faces a lot of struggles in his life because of his physical disability. Even in his love, he fails because of expressing his inner emotions. This novel mainly depicts the fact that how the protagonist accepts his disability as a challenge and how he overcomes his weakness. The present paper focuses on the sufferings and reactions of a differently abled man and how he adapts to the environment and the people in the substandard society.

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