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This paper traces some of the disabilities found in society, which shackles the peaceful life of the inhabitants of the country.  It presents how Shyam Selvadurai, a Sri Lankan Canadian novelist has reflected the ethnic struggles, politics, racism, gender bias and patriarchy in Sri Lankan society.  This paper briefly discusses the discomforts of the upper class people involving in politics.  In addition, this paper seeks to concentrate on the narrow community where there is gender bias that leads to depression and frustration.  The in depth investigation of the novel leads to pinpoint the holes, fissures and sores that weaken the society day by day.  Finally, the identities of the characters are questioned and they realised that for their peace, freedom and happiness in the family, society and nation one should sacrifice their desires.  The study tries to re-establish the human dignity and human rights of individuals in the society from its disabilities.

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