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Disability Studies concentrates on the struggles of the person who are differently abled from others. The term “Disability” can be regarded as either physical or psychological illness. In society, people treat those disabled persons with sympathy which make them feel inferior. The paper entitled “Redefining Parenthood: A Psychoanalytic Study of Shilpi Signodia's Innocent Wings”, highlights the dilemma of a dyslexic child and his mother’s effort to bring out the child from its impairment. Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterized by difficulty in reading, writing and spelling. It also includes late talking, learning new words slowly, struggle to pronounce easy words and delay in learning to read. This paper attempts to enunciate the fact that children with learning difficulties are not ignorant. They are restricted by their impairment in expressing their talents. Upbringing of a child is an art and the parents’ role as a mentor and soulmate occupy a vital space in this entire process. The novel depicts the real life incidents of a mother and her struggles in making her son, Rudra lead a normal life. Imposing elders’ dreams upon a child, can have an adverse effect of transforming a child from differently abled to disabled. The ground level work in the life of these little ones enriches the future of the children and the society.

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