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In the global literary firmament, the young writers of the call-centre generation assume themselves as India’s cultural commissars project India as the land of illumination and emancipation, the major Samson’s strength lying in the hands of the youth by the boundless consumption of natural as well as human resources. The colossal Indian landscape rejuvenates its cultural identity, plurality and solidarity only through the weapon of education. At present the millennium India is highlighted as the land of IIT companies, the corporate companies in the name of globalization. The globalization which is the important driver of BPOs and call centres leads to the tremendous growth in India to new technologies, new products and also their economic opportunities. Aravind Adiga presents the phase of urbanization and modernization of Indian cities such as New Delhi and Bangalore under the impact of globalization. Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai feature as city backdrops in the works of Anjum Hasan, Usha K. R., Aravind Adiga and so on. The themes of new Indian fiction in English take a new turn in this post-millennial era.

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