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In the age of web, there is a considerable shift in the way of reading literature with the advent of web based applications on and offline and electronic devices such as kindle. To complement or to compete with electronic reading or e-reading, there has also been a mushrooming of various genres or types of electronic compositions or creations. The younger generation’s love for technology mingled with their endowment for creativity has resulted with the production of electronic literature. Being part of Digital Humanities, e-literature has lots of scope for the literary creators and the commoners to produce born digital literary works. The creative possibilities in digital form challenges the traditional means of creative writing especially paper-and-ink books that have rich literary qualities. Though the pleasure, the single-mindedness and the imaginative independence the books in print offer can never be replaced,    e-literature has its own positivity and drawbacks. The article intends to analyse the culture of reading and writing in the age of twitter, blogs and e-books and to explore how digital media has altered the form of literature in the present scenario.

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