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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has gained credibility over the years as a trusted source of information.  It has the role to empower academic institutions and help the full educational lifestyle, in terms of teaching, learning and research especially on the creation, dissemination and application. New media in the form of interactive communication like internet, email, websites, social media, mobile applications, blogs are the concrete way to influence educational establishments not only for teacher and student’s interaction.  But it also has an impact in academic administrative methods of workforce in academic institutions, to accept new behaviors. This article reviews the effect of new media in academic administration work and mainly staff administration and how it changes the educational institution culture. Usage of new media with the aid of team of workers for their work in the instructional institution, it is used for communication with workforce the usage of e-media, e-circulars from the organization related to reliable matters, automation of attendance, workforce workload, automation of marks etc. It reveals how the technology influences the education institution culture.  This review research will be conducted through content (thematic) analysis.  The aim of this article is to apprehend the cultural adjustments delivered about by way of the rapid diffusion of the new media in educational institution for group of workers administration.

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