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India is multicultural country strives for imparting education for the learners of different religions,castes,languages and cultures. Indian classrooms are fine examples for it. Indian classroom is also made up of the learners of different religions,castes,languages. In India Teachers are an important role in teaching-learning activity to shape the learners where he is regarded as a Guru. Though English is a foreign linguistic communication in India its important is much more than any other languages spoken in India. Its because it’s  used in Educational field, It’s a path of communicating in areas like business and professional. The impact of English language is high in Educational field and so for students. Though English language taught from elementary class in schools there is a need of English communication class at graduation level because lack of English knowledge. The present paper is the study of the problems of learning and teaching English to the Tribal people in India. In India the classrooms are full of learners of different religion, caste whose first language is not English.

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