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Teaching English language is always a challenging one for the language teachers in the  Linguistic Minority  classrooms. English is not our native Language. Our nation is known for its pluralistic culture  and heterogeneity in the language learning class rooms. In some parts of  Tamil Nadu, there are  many Telugu speaking communities. Their mother tongue is Telugu, since they have hailed from Andra Pradesh. They are unable to write and read in Telugu,but they can speak colloquially in Telugu. The language Telugu  is deeply influenced by the major regional language Tamil.The students who belong to that community face too much of  hurdles in Speaking and Writing the global language English,since they originate from tri-lingual spoken system(Telugu,Tamil and Local Language). So this paper is planned to resolve the basic issues of the Telugu speaking community in learning the elite language English. Social Media has become an inevitable, intrinsic  part of the ESL learners in the new era.The accretion of Social Media technologies  has created a big impact among the learners,who interact with each other as a result of the upsurge of communities of learning that are associated by Collective Intelligence.This  article purports  to analyze the  trans-lingual basic problems in the minority linguistic class rooms and trying to explore the methods and techniques to find solutions to the common issues of minority linguistic students.

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