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English has become the means of communication for the people of the entire world. So learning English has become necessary. In the pursuit of language teaching, we have come a long way. We have so many methods and approaches. Information and Communicaiton Technology (ICT) is used in enhancing the skills of language learning among students. The use of ICT in learning and acquiring English language is effective. The use of computers and Internet are helpful in the process of language teaching and learning. Artificial Intelligene is a branch of Computer Science. It is the competitor of human intelligence. As it is very much used in language teaching, it has become important for the present generation learners of second language. The evolution of language teaching has undergone many changes. Though modern tools are useful and powerful, one cannot deny the validity of the earlier language Teaching methods and approaches. So this paper attempts to trace the evolution of language teaching from Grammar Translation Method to the Technology Enabled Language Learning (TELL).

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