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Translation is defined as the communication of meaning embedded in a source language text through the medium of a target language text. When it comes to existence, the target language text also is perceived as original as the source text. However, the cultural and certain linguistic specificities of the source language text are not easily transferred or translated into the target language. Lack of linguistic equivalents is one problem. Another major issue is that certain cultural notions in the source language may be absent in the target language. This posits great challenge to the translators. In this paper, I have documented the challenges that I faced while translating a feminist short story from Malayalam to English. The paper discusses the points where I had to make translation a process of trans-creation in order to convey the meaning of the source language text. The challenges in terms of finding linguistic equivalents as well as the equivalents for specific cultural notations are described in the paper. This paper also attempts to document how these challenges could have been better overcome in this particular context.

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