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Manju Kapur is eminent writer of 20century. Custody (2011), her fifth novel is exceptional and it is largely set in the thriving, upper-middle-class colonies of Delhi in the mid -90s, against the backdrop of the initial surge of foreign investment in India. It is a story of custody of children and the Indian Judicial system. Kapur encapsulates the lives of opulent, metropolitan middle – class Indians with their worrying confidential matters, deteriorated relationships, their hankering for wealth, self determination and tranquility. Kapur assesses the destitution of modern life as the story encircle around Raman and Shagun who are couple along with fascinating Ashok Khanna, Raman’s boss and Ishitha, divorcee who suffers with infertility. The novel presents the plight of wedlock, which is unimaginable. Custody consist the plot of metropolitan upper middle class family lives, which notwithstanding being wealthy are bankrupt in values and significance. Kapur utilizes the establishment of marriage in the Custody, explains the story of two wretched families by divorce. A sequence of altercation follows along with disagreements, intense Conversation reveals the wicked side of divorce. It explains how the main protagonist, Shagun looses healthy family life, husband and children by her extravagance. In spite of all hers trials she gets nothing except distress.

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