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The textile market has wide variety of clothes which depend on factors like cost and the quality. The quality of the clothing depends on the company producing it and many companies deceive the customers by producing low quality garments or clothings. In order to prevent the low quality clothings from being bought, we use a system to detect the quality of the clothes being produced. Our proposed system consists of arduino , flex sensor, load cell,hx711 sensor and RFID tag. An addition of metal sensor can be used if this system is to be used in textile industries. The load cell measures the weight of the cloth and with the help of the hx711 sensor directs it to the arduino for display. The flex sensor also known as bend sensor is used to check the thickness and resistance offered by the cloth. At last, the RFID tag is scanned by the RFID reader and if the specifications set by us are met. The fabric is fit for use and it is of good quality. This device can be used in industrial purposes too with the addition of a metal sensor. Overall, if the system is correctly used, we can stop the influx of the low quality products into the market and help the customer choose the best quality cloth.

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