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More than 20 billion devices are connected to internet today which also increases vulnerability,due to the inevitable growth of internet. An IOT BOTNET is a group of hacked computers, smart appliances and Internet-connected devices that have been co-opted for illicit purpose.Botnets use MALWARES and DDOS methods to attack and reduce the performance of the vulnerable IoT devices.Our proposed system includes the detection of the attacks and preventing them from further damage. We proposedreverse proxy algorithm and anomaly detection to detect a DDOS attack. An threshold value is fixed.If flooding of IP packets exceeds the threshold, then the system is set to showcase an anomaly(unusual deviation) and block the particular IP using reverse proxy algorithm,from the botnets trying to take the control of unaffectedIOT devices. This would help the users to protect their IOT devices from the unknown botnet attackers and also protect the information being hacked.

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