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IoT is making strong inroads in the medical industry with the introduction of relevant sensors and devices. IoMT is a collection of medical devices connected to healthcare IT systems for different applications. The growth of IoMT has particularly impacted healthcare for the aged and disabled people, but not just limited to them. One such important activity is to help them to take medications on a daily basis without missing any dose. In the existing system, Pettier based medicine cooling system is implemented. It consumes more power for operating and the battery weight is increase and there is no compact size. It’s not easy to carry the med box system . The complexity and cost associated with more elaborate systems led to the development of a new portable device in this paper named as “MEDIBOX”– an intelligent medication dispensing device. It is designed to help the elderly people who often forget to take their medications or take the wrong pills or dosage. It also helps people who used to travel frequently. Hence, we proposed a multi-purpose, portable IoT -enabled MEDIBOX which is used purposely to address those pertinent issues. MEDIBOX is designed to alert the patient at the right times along with the right dosage in prescription. Along with reminding a patient about medication it should be ensured that drugs are consumed without degrading their potency.

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