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In this competitive world, work with more efficiency and less time consumption is the need of the hour. For an industry which performs manufacturing in a large scale, the operations must be carried in such a way that it causes minimum fatigue to the operators and can be easily performed. To satisfy this purpose, the utility vehicle is designed and analyzed. This machine can perform many operations which include lifting, gripping and movement. The vehicle is designed in such a way that it can also be controlled easily by less skilled persons. This utility vehicle consists of 4 wheels of which two are at the front and two are at the rear. The rear wheels are the driving wheels connected to a 24V DC motor and the front wheels are driven. The motors are powered by lithium ion batteries. This vehicle can be controlled either by joystick or mobile phones. In general, machines in industries are used only for the purpose of material handling, leading to high cost and more time consumption. In order to minimize this, it is designed in such a way that the forklift is attached to a base that can carry loads up to 200 kg. Forklift is operated by the hydraulic mechanism. The second operation that can be performed by the vehicle is gripping. The materials and machined components are gripped by two fingers which are operated by using gears. This utility vehicle’s operations are performed by conventional forklift and gripping machines, which leads to increases in the rate of production. It also increase the effectiveness of the material handling operations performed in the industries.


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