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we are planning to make a design of gear box which will comprise both locking and open differential mechanism. It will reduce design cost and production cost during mass production. Since those mechanism acquires separate gearboxes it will increase time of production. Our design will reduce the time of production by acquiring a single gearbox setup for both mechanisms. This will reduce the cost and usage of raw materials. It increases the user’s comfort. The design comprises both open and locking differential, so the user can effectively relocate it based upon their usage. The users do not have to afford for both gear box, instead they can afford for a single gear box which comprise both open and locking differential. Since normal vehicles (daily usage) are working under differential mechanism, some vehicles use locking differential while driving along off-roads. The automotive differential is designed to drive a pair of wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds. A locking differential is designed to overcome the chief limitation of a standard open differential by essentially "locking" both wheels on an axle together as if on a common shaft. This forces both wheels to turn, regardless of the traction (or lack thereof) available to either wheel individually.

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