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A risk assessment based on the idea that the more a user behavior diverges from what it can be considered as normal behavior. Sybil attack which is considered asĀ  a single user will continuous post any content, more number friends in short period of time. We monitor group behavior of people based on their posts and likes. If there are any deviations misbehavior is identified. We deploy a centralized server for all kinds of Government Registrations, user has to provide three different mobile numbers and the sequence of feeding is also given by the user. In case of any New registrations like License / PAN Number / any where Aadhaar is used OTP will be generated to all the three numbers. If any other user tries to access the Main registered mobile number of the user then the automatic notification of Link is communicated to the main user for authentication, only after permission, the requested user can view the mobile number. This System will avoid any misbehavior particularly mobile based banking process.

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