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Increased use of automobiles and two wheelers is the current trend in transportation. Even in Metros with well-connected public transport system, roads are not able to handle increasing volume of automobiles and two wheelers. Increased use, choked roads and falling support for public transport system lead to harmful effects on environment due to incomplete combustion of fuel from Internal Combustion engines. Carbon di-oxide(CO2), carbon monoxide(CO), hydrocarbons(HC), oxides of nitrogen(NOx), Sulphur dioxide(SO2) and particulate emission(PM) are major pollutants out of emissions from IC engines. Other sources such as gas powerplants, industrial and domestic fuel consumer also contribute to the existing situation. In this paper, one such after-treatment of technique of passing exhaust gas from IC engines through limestone-charcoal mixture to reduce carbon di-oxide(CO2) emission is studied.

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