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Distributed peer to peer file systems are the most reliable and stable means of transferring files. It doesn’t require any cost of maintenance as there are no centralized servers to maintain. Anyone can share files easily without any subscription from cloud service providers and sometimes even without internet. But this technology has earned a bad name because of its misuse by people who share copyright content. The anonymity provided by the distributed peer to peer file systems like torrents are the reason for such piracy acts. Due to this content providers have completely ignored distributed peer to peer file sharing technology and rely on cloud service providers to deliver their content. We propose a piracy free distributed peer to peer content providing system that uses a distributed ledger to maintain the list of files that are uploaded to the swarm. The ledger will also contain payment information of the content provider and the price of the file. Only the devices that support screen capture prevention like android’s secure layout will have content consumer applications. The file will be encrypted using password based encryption (PBE) and published to the swarm. Anyone can download the file present in the swarm but in order to get the decryption password payment has to be completed. Different types of file previewers will be programmed such a way that the file remains encrypted in the user’s storage and decrypted for preview on the run. In order to prevent people from screen capturing content using virtual machines, the application will check the user’s device and just close if it is a virtual machine. This provides extreme piracy protection to the content and also does not require any kind of investment.

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