Conference Name:

One Day Multi – Disciplinary National Conference on Digital India

Date of Conference: 11th January 2020

Organized by Jeevan - Jyot Educational Charitable Trust Reena Mehta College of Arts, Commerce, Science  & Management Studies in association with University of Mumbai & Indian Accounting Association (Thane Chapter) on 11th January 2020


Conference Chairperson

Dr. (Mrs) Satinder Kaur Gujral

Principal Degree College

Dr. Arvind Luhar

HOD Accountancy, Ismail Yusuf College

Chairperson Bos Accountancy

Member Academic Council

University of Mumbai

Conference Co- convenor

Dr. Nishikant Jha

Co-ordinator BAF – Thakur College

Secretary – IAA Thane Chapter

Published: Dec 26, 2019

A Study on Development of Agricultural Sector in India

1-5 Dr. Raj Soshte

A Study on Digitalization and online Shopping in India: Customer’s View, Future Prospects & Challenges

6-11 Irvin Kaur

A Study on E-Catering (Food on Track App) Services Provided by IRCTC

12-16 Parimala Srinivas

A Study on Factors Attracting Consumers towards Online Shopping in Mumbai

17-22 Deepali Milind Manjrekar, Dr. Nitin Manohar Joshi

A Study on Growth and Prospect of Digital India

23-25 Nirav R. Goda

A Study on the impact of Mobile Banking with special reference to Millennials in Mumbai

26-35 Dr. Megha S. Somani, Saudah Khatri

Analysis of Businesses of E-Commerce and Organised Retailers in Thane District

36-41 Dr. Sandeep Rajendra Sahu

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing: Future Shifts in Businesses

42-48 Dhiraj Bhalerao, Dr. Girish Bagale

Digital Divide in India: An Analysis of India’s Performance with special reference to Digital India Initiative

49-58 Dr. Ambili M Thampi

Digital India: A Study on DBT through Government Schemes

59-64 Prashant Rajan Shelar

Generating Data for Insider Threat Detection for Cybersecurity

65-69 Ujwal Sav, Gane s h Magar

Green Marketing in India: Improtance and Challenges

70-74 Dr. Raj Sos hte

Impact of Digitalization on Mathematics Education

75-79 Satyprakas h Pande y

Impact of Digitilization through Mobile Banking

80-87 Vibha Rahul Patil, Dr. P.R.Chaudhari, Dr. Dilip Chavan

Impact of Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices on Employee Performance-A Case Study of Vodafone

88-93 Dr. De e pa B hindora

Social Networking Addiction among Adolescents

94-97 Dr. Khan Ze e nat Muzaffar

Sudha Murty, A Writer with Simplicity and Finesse At a glance:

98-103 Le ks hmi Sre e ram

Transitioning From Cash to Cashless Economy: Challenges & Opportunities Facing the Indian Economy

104-111 Dr. Susan Alex