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Vivisection is a study that is been conducted on any living organism. Vivisection is also known as the practice of animal experimentation. Vivisection is the live sectioning of an animal for experimentation. Around 50-100 million living organisms are used for animal testing as a part of the experiment annually. Vivisection as a process is ruthlessly sharp and has detailed analysis. The United States of America practices the highest amount of vivisection. Around 15-25 million mice and rats are been used for experimentation purpose. Approximately 50-100 million vertebrate animals are used in experiments annually. In India, there is an Animal Protection Act that has various amendments and it works towards ensuring that vivisection as a process is eradicated. Most scientists and experimentalists state that vivisection may cause suffering to animals but should be carried out when necessary. Alternatives of vivisection can be performed to investigate test compounds using recent technological advances and finally creating treatments that are unique to patients without performing vivisection and without harming or killing animals. Simulators, Computer programs and other alternatives for vivisection are being used to replace animal dissection in teaching and training exercises. The purpose of this study is to find out the awareness of vivisection amongst people. This research will also help in understanding the perception of people towards vivisection. This paper also discusses alternatives for vivisection and the role of media in eradication of vivisection.

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