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In India and Globally the scenario of business in service industry is moving towards e-HRM, knowledge or digital based economy. Computers have stepped up significantly and simplified the task of analyzing vast amounts of data and they can be invaluable aids in HR management, from payroll processing to record retention. With computer hardware, software, and data bases, organisations can keep records and information better as well as retrieve them with greater ease. e-HRM is the relatively new term for this IT supported HRM, especially through the use of web technology. This paper is an attempt to highlight the importance of digitalisation and E-commerce, new challenges and opportunities of e-HRM for the organizations. If organizations have to be successful in the competitive environment, then they have to adapt new technologies like e-HRM and it is an innovative technology in managing human resources.  Although the impact of IT on work and employment has been the subject of research, the current situation has been paid to electronic commerce and its effect on work organisation and HR management. This paper examines existing literature on how e- commerce technologies have analysed upcoming challenges and opportunities at workplace management. It proposes a conceptual framework for identifying and understanding these changes in the context of the business pressures faced by, in highly competitive environment.

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