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In present day days, healthcare is very essential in human life. The World Health Organization (WHO) shows trendy article that more wide variety of human beings are stricken by distinct styles flues. Data mining plays a primary position in Predicting sicknesses however someday the database report of affected person isn't extra efficient, these days we are made an Endeavour to locate the maximum globally spreading influenza virus in all around the international which we name Swine flu. Swine flu or the Influenza A (H1N1) flu are triggered by means if anyone of several types of swine influenza viruses. So the solution for such situation is Advanced facts mining (Machine mastering) techniques. Any manner there may be progressing research in medicinal conclusion that could foresee the maladies of the heart, lungs and different tumors in view of the beyond statistics gathered from the sufferers. Our exploration centers around this apart of Medical conclusion through studying design thru the accumulated records for Swine Flu. This examination has created model Intelligent Swine influenza Prediction show and problem area recognition. We utilized DLSC Classifier (Dynamic Learning Supervised Classifier).

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