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Remedial picture taking care of gives top tier strategies for the modified expressive system to different diseases and is very fundamental now days. These sorts of system give down to earth social protection workplaces to patients. Sickliness comprehensive is inescapable most in making countries and its impacting that 16200 Cr. people, contains 24.8 rate that of masses. Same other making countries, Asian nations has been going up against issue of Anemia which is especially normal among women and children in Asian nations. In the paper, an unpretentious customized recognizable proof of whiteness is expressed by using picture dealing with and model affirmation methodology. Framework made to perceive iron lack by a photograph of a face picture revealing eye part as a delicacy can be recognized by eye part pallor. Eye zone is recognized by using commended thing revelation Viola and Jones computation and the procedure by then improves the distinction of picture in preprocessing step. The eye part division is performed by using K-suggests clustering. Concealing based component vector is then prepared and by using these rundown of capacities, SVM classifier is applied to orchestrate among iron inadequate and non-pale pictures. Two camps have been sorted out locally to gather patients' data containing the photos and clinical HB regards. The eventual outcomes of proposed system are related with the clinical characteristics and the proposed structure demonstrated reliable results when differentiated and clinical revelations. The proposed system showed extraordinary precision when differentiated and clinical results.

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