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Medication mix-ups are extremely dangerous, to avoid this Linux based Speaking Medication Reminder can help to prevent these life-threatening mistakes. This paper proposes a smart pillbox system with remind and consumption function which is used to give alerts to the user to take pills at the scheduled time. The pills to be consumed are popped out of the pillbox at that time. Smart pill box can reduce the guardian’s responsibility of giving the correct medicines at the prescribed time. This system sends a purchase order to a medical shop when the medicines are about to get over. It first allows users to enter reminder inputs. System takes input through keyboard to accept various reminders with date and time and dosage. It then reminds patients to take the right medication at the right time. System allows users to store their medication dates and time using raspberry pi. Also users are allowed to enter dosage of each reminder. On set time the system gets the details and converts text to speech. System now speaks out the medication reminder at fed time intervals. This allows for a fully automated medication reminder system for patients. Here single board system i.e. raspberry pi 3 is used in which the database is made for the reminder time and the dose of pills with time and date. Also text to speech using an ESPEAK module in the Linux system make the work easier.

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