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The agriculture society of the majored sources for the food supplies to all over world countries. Farm is to be backbones with the improvement from the India. Nowadays the farm cultivating products is the most important in our life. The agricultural is the most critical advancement in the farmer’s for enhanced crop cultivations. The IOT (Internet of things) based on agricultural monitoring systems are start to the checking into water levels, temperatures etc. Waters are necessary sources into agricultures. In the automatic irrigations & crop cultivations monitored systems are uses from optimizing in the water level agricultures. In proposed systems consisting of the sensors networking with the humidity, temperatures, colours, soil moistening and water levels etc is placing into root region to the crop cultivations. The Arduino controller units with the programming into threshold value to the moisture and temperature substance in these controller units are using of the controlling irrigation motors in that way waters flowing in the fields. In soil moisture sensors are placed in the crop cultivations, therefore excess in the waters level motor obtain automatic pumped to the external areas. Therefore higher field is to be achieved, in sensing values are sending to Wi-Fi modules in a while valid

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