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Sign language is the preferred methodology of communication among the deaf and the hearing impaired people all over the world. Now-a-days text and sign language processing are the most important terms in digital image and text processing industry. The sign language recognition is the most popular research area involving computer vision, pattern recognition and image processing. This system is intended to design the effective system, which can provide the ultimate support to deaf-and-dumb candidates for their day-to-day life activities. The sign language processing helps us to capture the text from web camera and pronounce that text using voice based applications. In this approach the constant text format the user need to follow such as the font type of Arial or Calibri with the size of 48 to 50 points. Because this sign language processing is a Natural Language Processing scheme, which can acquire text from real-world scenarios, so that the text must be in standard format. The voice gathering and text conversion system, allows the user to work with mobile application, which converts the respective user's voice into text using goggle API. For all the entire system provides good and effective support to deaf-and-dumb persons without any interruptions

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