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The first ever video game was developed in the year 1958 (often said to be Tennis for Two). There are many genres under video games (example, role-playing games). Board games have been played as a part of most cultures and religions throughout history (Senet from 3300-2700BC of Egypt is said to be the oldest board game known to have ever existed). For this paper, our aim is to digitise and optimise such abandoned board games and primordial video games using state-of-the-art programming languages (python) to make them available for today’s users.For  this paper, we have developed ‘snakes and ladders’ (originally known as Moksha patam - ancient Indian game), optimised ‘minesweeper’ (single player puzzle game from 1960’s) and ‘snake game’ (first developed and published in 1976) using the most basic features from python, the resulting system is fast and reliable.

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