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The new form of wireless data transmission is Li-Fi, it represents light fidelity which rose because of the approaching radio frequency range crisis. In our everyday routine, one of the most significant work is to move information from one spot to another, which is at present dependent on Wi-Fi utilizing radio waves. At such point when the quantity of gadgets associated with the Internet expands, the fixed transfer speed makes it progressively harder to transmit information easily, as the radio frequency  consists of a smaller part of the spectrum for information transmission. To overcome such issues Li-Fi technology came into effect. It gives transmission of data using optical spectrum by sending information through LED light bulb. Li-Fi can be considered as a fast and efficient adjustment of Wi-Fi dependent on the idea of visible light communication (VLC) which is a medium that utilizes optical bearer for information transmission. This paper aims at one of the applications of Li-Fi and its future uses.

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