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This paper tries to know the importance of lifelong learning. Many research papers have emerged related to the concept of lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is the ongoing voluntary and self-motivated process, there are many tool of learning to improve our personal and professional knowledge. Learning is a process happens at all time in all the places, it should be a continuous process that directed towards not only providing the individual needs and also the welfare of society.   However, lifelong learning mainly suitable for teaching professionals to learn everyday with updated concepts of particular course, subjects, topics and others. Lifelong learning creates self motivation towards learning about advanced information related to world and it has more effectiveness for the teaching professionals to express their knowledge to the students. It influence and develop the student mindset to become more innovative in their life with self-confidence

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Arpitha M G, & Dr. Anthony Samson. (2020). A Perception Related to Lifelong Learning Practices followed among Teacher’s in Higher Education Institutions in Mandya. Think India Journal, 22(45), 1-5. Retrieved from