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The purpose of the paper is to know about lifelong learning among the teaching professionals. Information communication technology (ICT) plays a major role in teaching professional field update of knowledge now a day’s Lifelong learning is essential for teaching professionals. This paper discuss about Higher education and Lifelong learning among teaching professionals: Mysore District on basis of survey method questionnaire were distributed to 150 teaching professionals of primary/secondary school and PU colleges both private and government in Hunsur. 114 were returned response. Returned response  rate is 76%. This paper mainly focuses on the objective of the study that includes gender wise, geographical wise, purpose of lifelong learning and reasons for not undertaking Lifelong learning. The study proves that the qualification acquired through lifelong learning is only 17.54% where as the qualification acquired through formal study remains as high as 85.19% among the teaching faculty of school and colleges. The study suggests that there is pressing need for introducing Lifelong learning in order to increase competency in their respective fields by providing incentives to learner and the higher educational Institutions that cater to this demand

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