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Prophet mohammad said that “ knowledge is nectar, the ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr”.

New education policy aiming to provide skilled education to secondary school to higher education students . In policy co-curricular activities and vocational education are given more importance. This policy encouraging skills such as critical thinking, creativity, scientific temper, communication, collaboration, multilingualism, problem-solving, ethics, social responsibility, and digital literacy. It is essential to sustaining a large and vibrant economy and “skilled India”.

Indian government aim is creation of   world class teachers. To achieve  this  Four Years integrated B.Ed course is introduced. This policy putting the corner stone for it. Pre-primary school education comes under the preview of ministry of human resource development and policy strengthening Anganawadi schools. Higher education institutions will enjoy their autonomous status and Degree Granting power. but they need to deliver excellent education. Policy encouraging  Open and Distance learning.   Finally, we can say that this policy envisions to transforming our nation into vibrant knowledge society.

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