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Creative use of Source language text, in place of faithfulness to that text makes the translation into transcreation. Vijaydan Detha uses this skill to retell oral folktale. He has started collecting Rajasthani folktales and started documenting it in written words and thus-‘Batan ri Phulvadi’ came into being. In beginning, he was merely doing a transcription of words but later he shifted to transcreate with contemporary motifs. Duvidha story is compiled in ‘Baatan Ri Phulvaari-Part 10’.Later Kailash Kabir has translated Duvidha into Hindi. This translation has three versions and is different in language and content also. There is clearly lots of omission and commission of words and events. Based on this story there are two films in Hindi-one is Duvidha (Mani kaul,1973)and second is Paheli(Amol Palekar,2005). Mani tries not to deviate from the story and within that framework, he has applied his cinematic genius. On other hands Amol Palekar was more inclined towards making it entertaining and did omission and commission also in the plot to attract the audience.

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