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In several parts of the world, indigenous languages are on the threshold of extermination. The increasing inclusive acknowledgement of indigenous languages, the expectation is that it will flourish and progress in both spoken and written forms has been called for attention. To refresh these indigenous languages many communities have presented their own systems and methods. There are 100 Indian languages that are fast endangered; to save this situation the Union Human Resource Development Minority has set various programs. The program decided to study the dying languages, reasons and methods to rejuvenate them, one method is to introduce them as school subjects in areas where they are spoken and to mobilize communities to endure their language traditions. A survey was done and well-structured that India has around 196 endangered languages. The reason why these languages are dying because of a fall in the number of people speaking them. The government along with UNESCO has enlisted these endangered languages as Manipuri, Karbi and Khasi in Meitei, Assam and Meghalaya respectively. Various suggestions were proposed to save the dying languages. The government will check the status on how to implement this. To set up libraries, museums with audio and video materials displaying the oral traditions of these languages, steps to revitalilse these languages through community participation, education and giving economic and social benefits have been the target, listing languages which affords assurance of job or some sort of learning is focused upon. Following a trilingual format in educational system is deliberated in detail. The question of upward mobility and language shift requires a discussion in detail. The threat when a language dies, methods to conserve a dying language, marginality, impact of colonization on Indian Languages, and our realistic life, protection and preservation, researching and documenting Indian languages, digitizing languages, preserving the orality and textual nature of languages needs attention. Renewing India’s purported pluralism has been discussed elaborately.

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