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“Our struggle does not end so long as there is a single human being considered untouchable on account of his birth.”

This paper deals with untouchability, loss of freedom, emotional problems and the subalternity of the people in PerumalMurugan’s“Seasons Of the Palm”. The fact of being oneself should not be given up for any cause. In the novel, the protagonist work as a “bonded child labour” which is an indigenous act. Shorty(protagonist) lives with sheep, like a family It depicts the brutality of landlords. He undergoes lot of torments throughout his life due to his identity and the title“bonded labour”. He was not allowed to create his own identityeventhough he had more talents.The pain of social injustice prevailing in the novel has been portrayed in this research paper. The lack of education makes them unaware of the changes happening in their own selves.The caste system fills the society with inhumanity. The children manual labour has been forced upon them by their exploiters and how self actualization remains a distant dream has been discussed in this paper.

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