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Published: Jan 4, 2011

Passing of Gandhiji is as grievous a blow to Pakistan as it is to India...

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Indian Embassy in Moscow was Faiz's second home ...

Inder Kumar Gujral

Faiz remains a beacon of light ...

Kuldip Nayar

Reminiscences of Faiz Ahmed 'Faiz'

Mulk Raj Anand

Faiz was one of the most powerful literary voices

Abid Hussain

Celebrating the Idea of Revolution

Sitaram Yechuri

Faiz, a poet for all times

Rakesh Sood

About myself and what I have been up to ...

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Private Secretary

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Ghazals& Nazms

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Spoilt child of fortune who worked very hard

Ludmila Vasilieva

We used to swoon over his romantic verses

Zakia Zaheer

Wounds of Reality on a Romantic Self Some Notes on Faiz


Faiz the Internationalist

Christina Oesterheld

I have seen Faiz

Kedar Nath Singh

Faiz Ahmed 'Faiz' : The Poet in Exile

Saeed Naqvi

Faiz Ahmed 'Faiz' The superstar poet of Urdu literature

Iqbal Haider

Lucknow of Faiz Ahmed 'Faiz'

Atul Tiwari

India, whose love could have killed Faiz

Jawed Naqvi

A close reading of select poems by Faiz Ahmed 'Faiz'

Raihan Raza

“It has been decreed again that you and I be exiled…”

Purushottam Agrawal

Faiz - The Poet of Romance and Revolution

Sohail Hashmi

The Intellectual and National Integration

Suneet Chopra

When Faiz came to Allahabad *

Ravindra Kalia

My friend, my mate ... Faiz ... a poetic journey

Romonika, Vimlendra Sharan

The Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case

Sajjad Zaheer

A summer in Beirut with Abbu

Salima Hashmi

What's in a name ... unless it is Faiz!

Moneeza Hashmi

My grandfather was treasure of pain

Ali Madeeh Hashmi

Tribute from granddaughter

Mira Hashmi

Amrita Pritam in conversation with AlysFaizFaiz was true to his art, to his character and creativity ...

Amrita Pritam

Lost opprtunities that Faiz missed all his life ...

Iftikhar Arif, Ahmed Faraz